CLP GHS Pipe Marking Solutions

Brady has created a new set of products for CLP / GHS pipe marking. We want to guarantee everyone can comply with regulations across Europe in due time. We are setting the standard with a unique layout based on all requirements which are listed on a European scale.

1. What are the CLP symbols?

The 2008/1272/EC regulation gives 9 new symbols.

2. Which products will be added to the range with the CLP symbols:

  • Pipemarkers with liner (B-7541)
  • Standard pipemarkers type 1
  • Rollform pipemarker – type 2 and 3
  • Linerless pipemarkers (B-7520)
  • Standard pipemarkers type 1
  • Rollform pipemarker – type 2 and 3
  • CLP Pipe Markers product range

3. CLP transition time 

  • Mandatory on December, 1st – 2010 for Substances 
  • Mandatory on June, 1st – 2015 for Mixtures
  • More information on CLP/GHS Legislation.
4. Benefits:

  • Enhance safety: The absence or low quality of pipemarker identification is a risk to all working in that environment. Not being fully aware what substances are contained in the pipes can lead to major accidents. 
  • Reduce costs: When investing in clear, legible identification you avoid the increase of other potential costs. (accidents)
  • Time saving: A clear identification of pipes guarantees a better insight in the construction
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