Brady Style GHS/CLP Pipe Markers

Brady Standard Pipe Markers:

  • Reinforce safety and aid maintenance
  • For Dangerous Substances the Chemical symbols conform to European regulations 1272/2008, 790/2009 and 286/2011. 
  • UV-resistant
  • Withstands temperatures from -40° to 120°C. Min. application temperature is 5°C
  • Available in 7 styles and more than 300 legends.

Individual markers with die cut arrowheads

CLP pipe marker

  1. Perforated arrowhead on both sides: to indicate the fl ow direction of the substance simply remove one of the arrowheads
  2. Relevant CLP/GHS danger symbols depending on the substance, in accordance with CLP regulations
  3. Colours in accordance with (local) legislation.
  4. Substance name: wide range of legends available, custom products can also be ordered.
  5. Signal word depending on the substance, in accordance with CLP regulations.
  6. High quality materials: self-adhesive laminated polyester with low chlorine content that is resistant to chemical, ultraviolet rays and extreme weather conditions.


  • Available in four sizes. 
  • For standard text the signal word and hazard symbols, if relevant and necessary, are automatically printed on the marker. This saves you having to identify the appropriate symbol. For custom text. this information will need to be provided by the customer.
  • Markers are printed with a contrasting border in the same colour as the text for improved visibility. 
  • The arrows are perforated, which means you don’t need scissors to remove the surplus arrow.


  • Fast & easy - just take the pipe marker from the roll and apply it. 
  • Environmentally friendly - no waste! 
  • The arrows are perforated, which means you don’t need scissors to remove the surplus arrow.

The design and layout of Brady’s roll form markers ensure maximum visibility from all sides. Not only is readability improved by printing the legends in different directions, but also by the different formats available. 
These roll form markers are produced in two formats: one for pipes under 70 mm in diameter, and another for pipes over 70 mm in diameter. Both formats come in two widths. For markers without symbols the roll width is 100 mm; with symbols the roll width is 127 mm. 
The length of the rolls is always 33 metres.

Pipe marker types

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