Safety Signs Regulations

Standard for Safety Signs – Revised BS 5499-1

The revised BS 5499-1 is to improve the technical representation of safety signs and introduces the following key principle: It recommends the use of upper and lower case lettering – visually impaired people read and understand sentences or single word messages with an initial case letter more clearly e.g.: Warning, Fire Exit etc. All Brady safety signs now comply with this new technical standard!

The Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996, put into practice the European Safety Signs Directive (92/58/EEC). Designed to standardise safety signs reducing the risk of misunderstandings arising from geographical differences across the European community.

How does it affect you?

All employers must use a safety sign where a risk would otherwise go uncontrolled. All safety signs should contain a pictorial symbol. Safety signs now encompass other safety identification by means of pipe and valve marking, audible signals and illuminated signs. The regulations encourage the increased use of symbols and this includes all fire safety signs. Use of Brady Safety Signs will mean all of your signs comply with all current British and European Legislation
Safety Signs at work
Safety signs in the workplace are an indispensable way of protecting employees from accidents. Their purpose is to convey information in a comprehensive way about objects and situations that can be dangerous. In case of a fire, for instance, well placed signs can speed up the evacuation of a building and help those giving first aid.

Common dangerous situations are:

  • Exposure to harmful substances, gases or vapours.
  • Machines being repaired or being in maintenance.
  • Marked-out danger zones.
  • Danger of falling objects.
  • Trip hazards and slippery floors.
  • Fast evacuation of contaminated places, etc...
The following methods can be used to reduce the risks of these dangerous situations:

  • Safety signs that use symbols or text together with a recognised safety colour.
  • Labels that identify products, leads, pipes etc.
  • Safety lock systems for valves, installations etc.
  • Posts, chains and tapes that can be positioned to indicate dangerous zones.

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