More safety with top lockout procedures

LOTO services

Brady engineers have created thousands of lockout procedures for hundreds of companies in various industries.
Get them to write and implement your best-in-class, company-approved, custom Lockout/Tagout safety procedures as well.

LOTO services

Lockout/Tagout Complete Service

  • Best practice, custom: experienced Brady engineers visit your facilities to create illustrated Lockout/Tagout procedures for your machines
  • Easy to follow: procedures enable step-by-step completion with limited training, and are linked to machine and energy control point labels in the workplace
  • Easily approve, edit, scale and share: work seamlessly across sites and countries with the LINK360 procedure management software. Print up-to-date Lockout/Tagout procedures locally or share digitally with smartphones and tablets.

We offer 3 services:

Lockout/Tagout Assistance service

  • detailed introduction to Lockout/Tagout energy control programme
  • analysis of your current status
  • high level view on Lockout/Tagout procedures
  • basic LINK360 introduction
  • complete Lockout/Tagout procedure for 1 smaller machine
  • pre-audit to determine budget for a Full Visual Lockout Procedure

Visual Lockout Procedure Assistance service

  • introduction to Lockout/Tagout energy control programme
  • complete on-site LINK360 training
  • an example Lockout/Tagout procedure
  • best practices shared to write your procedures

Full Visual Lockout Procedure service

  • kickoff with introduction to Lockout/Tagout energy control programme, and closing meeting
  • on-site audit to identify energy sources
  • all Lockout/Tagout procedures for complete energy isolation per machine presented for your approval in LINK360 + a LINK360 training
  • all procedures ready for sharing with smartphones and tablets via the LINK360 app

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